The Ultimate Dog Training Certification!  

Obedience Fundamentals - Train any dog with Veteran USAF K9 trainer Shane McNamara, Owner of Bellum K9 Inc. Shane has conducted in excess of 2 million dollars in K9 contracting work for the US Department of the Navy and is an expert in the working dog industry and another half a million in 2022 conducting private board and trains at his facility located in Texas. He has trained thousands of dogs and maintained a 5 star review since he formed his company in 2017.  Shane scale his business from the basement of a house training a handful of dogs at a time to his now multi million dollar private estate training facility located in Santa Fe Texas! 

Bellum K9 inc. training certifications were used in 2020-2021 for a Department Of Defense contract overseas to certify the nation of Palau located in the Micronesia region and recognized by the department of the Navy (NAVAIR and the US Embassy) 

The online course begins with a short intro, followed by simple starting commands and exercises. Sessions become more complex as you go! Our program is knowledge dense in terminology, direct from the USAF K9 training program out of Lackland Air Force Base but still easy enough for anyone to master and become an expert trainer with practice and patience.  This course is has no expiration date once purchased and you can always come back and retake it over and over.  We diligently update and new information every few months so always check back to keep getting more tools for you tool belt. 

Advanced Online Obedience E-collar training  is included in this all in one program!

Shane McNamara presents his "Correct, Redirect and Reward"- based system...proven dog training techniques he simplifies for you.


Highly effective 

Fun for you and your dog

Just 10-15 minutes a day

Shane will train YOU to train your own dog in as little as 15 minutes a day and it's only $499 for a decade of knowledge taught only to handlers and trainers in Lacklands Millitary Working Dog program. This  amazing program certification is MUST to have to gain credibility in such a in demand industry!  

This program teaches you to build your own pets that will become your "Demo Dog" and help you get Buisness immediately ! 


Shane made this course for aspiring trainers to become more of subject matter expert and to help as many dogs in the world as possible!

He's including 4 Private one-one-one Zoom sessions with a senior dog trainer or himslef to address specific behavior problems, give professional advice, and answer training questions. Additionally you willl have access to help through our private members only Training Group! Included FREE when you join! 

Download our app on the Apple App Store and Google Play to access the course anytime!

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Obedience Fundamentals Taught in Our Program

  • Establish your leadership

  • E-collar 

  • Succesive approximation 

  • Luring, marking, paying

  • Equipment overview

  • Clear Signals Training

  • Learn technical terminology 

  • Learn the “Correct, Redirect and Reward System”

  • Learn Clear Signals Training

  • Learn the basics of Positive E-collar Training

  • Get motivated and supported by our community of trainers 

  • Build structure with daily activities

  • Improve communication

  • Be clear, consistent, and fair

  • Use basic training commands

  • Establish rules and set boundaries

  • Time your praise and corrections

  • Maximize your dog’s expression

  • Safely socialize your dog

  • Build a lasting bond with your canine

  • Proof behavior by adding distractions and real-world scenarios

  • Exercise and reinforce your leadership as a way of life


                                                                       PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!

                                                       See our reviews down below for Shanes facility:


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